Reba, a 4 year old Thoroughbred mare, was one of 10 horses rescued from a farm in Dundalk, Ontario on December 20 2012. When Reba arrived at WHHR she was severely emaciated. She was infested with lice and internal parasites and had a horrendous fungal and bacterial infection all over her body. Her hooves were extremely long and had a fungal infection called thrush. She also had an umbilical hernia that was quite large and required surgery as soon as possible.

Upon arrival of new rescues cases, it is imperative to prioritize immediate issues and to develop a treatment plan.

Reba's priorities were nutrition, skin treatment, lice treatment and internal parasites. The umbilical hernia would have to wait as she was not healthy or strong enough to undergo surgery.  

Reba progressed well over the months and was finally able to have the surgery to repair her umbilical hernia in London Ontario on August 8, 2013. Her surgery was a success! She was put on 4 weeks of complete stall rest to allow her abdomen wall to heal. If this was to break open it could be fatal.    

After 4 weeks of stall rest, Reba was stir crazy and wanted to get outside, however in order for her not to harm herself, we turned her out in a small holding paddock for a 7 days to give her a chance to settle down. She was then turned out in the herd with her friends with freedom!!   Reba is doing extremely well and is now ready for training; after 9 long months of care. She has become a real sweet horse and trusts Brenda completely.    

During the annual open house fundraising event in July we asked the public for help to cover the cost of the hernia surgery for Reba - $850 - and we received great response.  

Thank you to all of you for your support and donations. Reba is a real example of where your donations go to help horses in need!

She is now ready for a new home where she will be loved and trained, is that home with you?

Adoption fee $600