Join us for our annual Summer Open House
Saturday July 7th, 8am - 5pm. 

Come and share in the cuteness overload at the Whispering Hearts Baby Shower!

Saturday, May 19th, 1-4pm.

tackshack sliderWelcome to the Tack Shack - Another fundraising initiative.

Come and check out hundreds of items including new and used tack, blankets, stable sheets, riding apparel such as breeches, helmets, and gloves, gifts, supplements and more...



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howyoucanhelpDonations can be made by:

  • Cash at Greenhawk (Orangeville and Beamsville locations) 
  • NEW - Credit card, PayPal, or Interac through www.canadahelps.org
  • Cheque payable to 'Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue' and mailed to: Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue, 1652 Concession 10 RR#5, Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0


Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue is privately funded by the efforts of the owners and kind donations of like minded animal lovers. There are currently over 60 horses in our care.



Monetary donations of any amount help and are greatly appreciated.


Here is a sample of what your donation can help to purchase for the horses' care:

  • $5 - a bag of shavings for bedding (one horse requires up to 5 bags of bedding every week)
  • $6 to $8 - a small square bale of hay (one horse requires 1 bale of hay every day)
  • $10 to $15 - a bag of feed (one horse requires 1 bag of feed every week)
  • $20 to $25 - de-wormer paste for one horse (required 3 - 4 times annually)
  • $35 - hoof trimming for one horse (needed every 6 weeks)
  • $60 - one round bale of hay (one horse eats approximately 1 round bale in a week)
  • $75 - vaccinations for one horse (needed for new rescues and annually)
  • $150 - basic dental care (float) for one horse (needed for all new rescues)
  • $250 - basic vet visit and check up for one horse (needed for all new rescues)
  • $500 - emergency medical care (often needed for new rescues)
  • $1000 plus - special medical care (i.e. surgeries for gelding, health issues, etc.)


collingwood-tack-shoppe-thaNon-financial donations are also welcome and appreciated. Items such as:

  • Wormer
  • Feed (Masterfeed Surmount; high fat and fibre pellets; sweet feed; beet pulp; hay cubes; rice bran)
  • Supplements (vitamin and mineral supplements; probiotics: vegetable oil)
  • Bedding (bulk or bagged shavings; wood pellets)
  • Hay (small square bales; round bales)
  • Buckets (feed; water)
  • Hay nets
  • Blankets (all weights including rain sheets; all sizes)
  • Laundry soap (for blanket cleaning)
  • Shavings pitch forks (for stall mucking)
  • Corn brooms
  • Large shovels
  • Good used tack (items not used for the Rescue horses will be sold at the Annual Tack Sale)
  • Grooming mucks and gucks (shampoo; Miracle Groom; Cowboy Magic; Thrush Buster)
  • First Aid Items (Vet Wrap; Bandages; anti-bacterial ointments; poultice, Animalintex; etc.)
  • Sand suitable for arena footing

success-storiesOur goal and hope for every horse rescued is to recover from his or her ordeal, leave WHHR, and move on to a loving forever home. 

We are thrilled when we receive updates and photos documenting their new adventures, their achievements, and their new happy, healthy lives.

Grab your favourite beverage and a snack, sit back and
Visit with the lucky horses and their new owners »


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And, don't forget... with every purchase you support WHHR and help us continue the work with rescue horses.