Adoptable Horses

Horses waiting for adoption


Many of the healthy horses living at Whispering Hearts are ready for their forever homes. For every horse that is adopted, a space is made available for us to help another horse in need.

The mission of our Adoption Program is to ensure that you will be able to meet the needs of the specific horse and that the horse will also meet your experience and goals.

Please note: While we try to update this page regularly, daily chores and activities here at the rescue often don't allow us to spend much time at the computer.

Please contact us if you are looking to adopt one of our horses. Thank you.


Tonka is a very strong registered paint mare that is 10 years old. She stands about 15 hh.

She had very little training when she arrived 5 months ago, but now leads well. She will need a lot of work and time but is quite affectionate now. She is gorgeous and a very easy keeper, sound and healthy.

She will need a very patient, experienced handler/trainer.

She is up to date of vaccinations, worming and hooves.

Adoption fee $500.

Mickey is a 9 year old gelding, super friendly, in your pocket, and loves people. He leads well and is good for the farrier.
He is about 15 hh.
Mickey has not been backed  as he had an injury when he was young. His left rear may have upper ring bone howeve,r after his last check up the vet feels he could be a light trail riding horse. He is so amazing to be around and would be an easy horse to train. He has not been lame here at all and is in the main herd.
He is up to date on vaccinations, worming and hooves.

Adoption fee $500.

Millie is a very gorgeous Anglo Arab, approximately 16.1 hh and about 14 years old.

She is backed however, she can be nervous and therefore needs an experienced handler/rider with a very soft hand. She would come along great with consistent handling and riding. Millie really is a sweet horse and is absolutely gorgeous!

She is up to date on vaccinations, hooves and worming.

Adoption fee $500

Red is a 8 year old Arabian gelding; he is not broke to ride.  Red has a very special personality with many Arabian traits.  He can be high strung and will need a kind, caring person to train him. He's had a rough start and was rescued from a very terrible situration but, he is very lovable and needs a forever home.  Are you willing to give him a second chance?


Tiffany is a 7 year old American Saddlebred mare. She is about 15.3 hh.
Tiffany can be very nervous until she gets to know you. She can be very affectionate once comfortable. She is head shy as well due to some previous abuse in her lifetime. She came from a very sad situation, emaciated and afraid.
She will need an experienced handler/trainer with a soft touch. In time, she would make an awesome horse as she is sound and healthy.
She has a vice of cribbing when she is very stressed and afraid. She is not a severe case, though. In the herd she dpes great!
She is up to date on vaccinations, worming, and hooves.

Adoption fee $500