Adoptable Horses

Horses waiting for adoption


Many of the healthy horses living at Whispering Hearts are ready for their forever homes. For every horse that is adopted, a space is made available for us to help another horse in need.

The mission of our Adoption Program is to ensure that you will be able to meet the needs of the specific horse and that the horse will also meet your experience and goals.

Please note: While we try to update this page regularly, daily chores and activities here at the rescue often don't allow us to spend much time at the computer.

Please contact us if you are looking to adopt one of our horses. Thank you.



Cheyenne is available as a companion horse only because she is severely pigeon toed. She is an 8 year old, buckskin, Quarter Horse mare. She is a super-sweet, friendly girl with a lot of personality and a lot of love to give to someone who does not want to ride. Photo credit: Krista Ellen Mills

She would fit in well in a non-riding Equine Assisted learning program.

Diva is a 8 year old dark bay warmblood standardbred cross. She stands about 15.3 hh. She has started her training for leading, inhand and lunging. But she is not far enough along to be ready for adoption yet. She is a very willing and smart girl. She is not far off before she will be ready. and will need an experienced trainer to bring her along.

Adoption fee $500.


Pictures coming soon!



'Girlie' is a 7 year old, bay off the track thoroughbred mare. She is a nice mover and would make a nice schooling level hunter or dressage horse. She is kind, but insecure and needs to build trust with a special person who will bring her along with patience and empathy.


Unstarted Pony

Keesha came to us completely wild - never human touched or had a halter on - and in foal. She is about 3 years old. She lost the foal, but is doing really well. She leads now and can be very sweet. She needs more time to develop more trust in humans. But, she is so darn cute and has a long life ahead of her! She is sound and healthy. Photo credit: Krista Ellen Mills

Milly is a beautiful chestnut anglo arabian. She is 12 years old and stands about 16.2hh. She is currently in training to help her overcome some issues under saddle. She is not for a beginner since she needs work to help her relax and carry herself in a comfortable, healthy frame. If you have the experience, she would well be worth the work. She is sound, and absolutely stunning.

Pictures will be be updated as her training progresses.