Adoptable Horses

Horses waiting for adoption


Many of the healthy horses living at Whispering Hearts are ready for their forever homes. For every horse that is adopted, a space is made available for us to help another horse in need.

The mission of our Adoption Program is to ensure that you will be able to meet the needs of the specific horse and that the horse will also meet your experience and goals.

Please note: While we try to update this page regularly, daily chores and activities here at the rescue often don't allow us to spend much time at the computer.

Please contact us if you are looking to adopt one of our horses. Thank you.


Basquette is a 15 year old Arabian mare that is about 14.2 hh.  She is not broke to ride.  She is high strung and will need an experienced handler to train her.  She is gorgeous and moves so gracefully.  Will she be your next horse?


Adoption fee $600


Abbey is a gorgeous former racing Standardbred gelding, about 14 years old. He is black with a white 'spade' shaped star. He is a doll and would make a great companion horse. He is sound, leads well, and is very willing to learn. We believe he has been trained in the harness but have not tried him with it yet. We have not been on his back yet, but with his intelligence and willingness, it would not take much for him to learn. Once we have worked with him, an update on his progress will be posted. If you are looking for a companion horse or have the experience to re-train Abbey, he will be an amazing partner for you!

Reba, a 4 year old Thoroughbred mare, was one of 10 horses rescued from a farm in Dundalk, Ontario on December 20 2012. When Reba arrived at WHHR she was severely emaciated. She was infested with lice and internal parasites and had a horrendous fungal and bacterial infection all over her body. Her hooves were extremely long and had a fungal infection called thrush. She also had an umbilical hernia that was quite large and required surgery as soon as possible.

Upon arrival of new rescues cases, it is imperative to prioritize immediate issues and to develop a treatment plan.


Ace is just the most adorable 12-year-old pony gelding with one blue eye. He is about 13.3 or 14 hh. He is not broke to ride and is a bit shy. Are you the special person he needs who will be patient and take your time to help him trust and reach his full potential?


Baby is a 10 year old standardbred mare. She is not broke to ride but would make an excellent horse with the right training. She is gorgeous and has personality plus! She is sound and healthy - awaiting a new home.