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We are so grateful when word gets around and you get involved - even just by sending us a comment. Of course, we also ADORE reading how our adopted horses are doing and on what great adventures they embark. During the recent upgrade of our website, we've moved owner updates to the horse's profile under Success Stories »

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"My family and I wanted to thank you for the visit to you fabulous facility yesterday! It was great chatting with you Brenda and I tell ya, all the amazing things you, your husband and the volunteers do is truly amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of the ones who can't speak for themselves and that are so dear to our hearts. 
P.S. My daughter would like M & M to live with her in her bedroom Oh is he just adorable!!" From Steph & family -  December 16, 2013
"Merry Christmas Brenda and Dave. You have made many people sit up and take notice that even the smallest gesture helps in saving the lives of your horses and the sanity of you and Dave. I feel honoured and blessed to have become even a small part of WHHR. Love and all good things at Christmas and in the New Year" - December 25, 2013


"Brenda & Dave, Thank you for all of your the love, hard-work & heart-felt dedication to rescuing these beautiful, innocent, & abused horses. You bring hope & love to these animals which they may have never known. You are an inspiration to a lot of us. For some of us, you also healed our souls & opened our eyes to help the really innocent best friends of woman (man....too). You have my Heart & Loyalty.
God Bless You & Dave." - December 26, 2013  from Bob.

"Kudos to those wonderful Elves who helped on Christmas Day. Santa has put you on the top of his list for next year. Ooops sorry Elves but Brenda & Dave are before you." - December 26, 2013

"You are such an inspiration.  I'm so glad these horses have found you." - January 1, 2013


"You should definitely feel proud of all your accomplishments. And we can see from your stats. just how many horses have you to thank for their lives. You and Dave are the best! I hope you have a happy new year, and I hope people learn a little bit more this year regarding these horses that so need our help and proper care." - January 1, 2014


"Happy New Year Brenda and Dave. My hope is that you will be blessed with lots of support, be it large or small and that you will stay happy and healthy in 2014. Thanks you again for all you have done and will continue to do. You are a very special couple." - January 1, 2014


"WHHR should be the model of what horse rescues should be....Brenda and Dave: You have accomplished so much and come so far at great personal sacrifice. You have the heartfelt respect and admiration of so many for what you do and what you have done. May 2014 see you achieve all your hopes and dreams. I wish you a safe, healthy and happy new year!" - January 1, 2014

"I am so happy there are folks like you who care about these wonderful horses 100+% thank you" - January 3, 2014


"Brenda, Dave and all the Volunteers who made our dream and journey come true. May you have a safe, peaceful and Very Merry Christmas from Stacie, Shane and Toby"


"May God bless you for what you do."


"You're wonderful people wish there was more people like you. God-bless you and your family." - Kimberly


"Hi Brenda and Dave!! - I just wanted to send you an update on the ponies! Rhett Butler is doing extremely well and I have included some of his best pictures. He is my most reliable lesson pony and a barn favourite. I use him for Jamie who is an advanced little hunter rider and he is kind enough to take my 7 year old nephew Johnny for a ride every Friday for his western lessons. I will get picks of him and Johnny soon. It's the cutest thing you have ever seen! He will do any thing for food including getting his whiskers trimmed (he was pretty nervous at first!) 2 weeks ago he went to his first off property show and although he didn't trailer perfectly he was an angel upon arrival. We love him to pieces!"


"Hi Brenda - Thanks for replying. I saw your cause on the news this morning and may I say Bless your heart for opening your farm to these horses. Thanks again." - Maureen


"Buddy who we call phantom (he needs a mask to cover his one eye, like the phantom of the ophera) spent 1 month at northstar and is currently in Cayuaga at TPS farm (the gentleman that trailers us). He is doing very well with my other babies, I have determined that I need the round pen to work with him best and he seems to agree. He is very kind and truly wants to be a good boy; he is just nervous. I am in no hurry to use him so for now, he is just getting fat and being a horse; I hope to bring him back in may once I am done school and can spend all the time with him he needs. Phantom is a sucky boy and has completely stolen my heart. I know he will be a fantastic pony very shortly; he just needs to take it all in baby steps.

We have our Whispering Hearts calender up at Northstar and I promise to visit soon. Thank you again so much for saving these 2 wonderful ponies. They are very much loved and appreciated. - Harlee"


"Hi Brenda, Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how glad we are to be a part of the rescue. We have always loved animals. What you are doing is wonderful. Anyone who talks to you knows right away you are very sincere. You come alive talking about your horses!!! We just love coming there and helping and spending time with the horses.

Sometimes, when I go, I think I have a favourite - but then I meet another and think "Oops! I think I love them all!" I have always wanted a horse of my own. But this is better... I have them all! Once again, thanks for letting Del and I share your dream!"


"Thank you for your good work. Thank goodness there are people like you... keep it up!"