This video was created to honour the memory of dear Gracie. Unfortunately, terrible acts of cruelty like this are happening right now in our own neighbourhoods. All too often, as in this case, people get away with abuse and neglect without charges ever being laid.


Gracie's Story

Gracie was rescued from a farm in Norfolk County on August 28, 2009. The original call came into the OSPCA stating there was a dead foal in the field. Unfortunately, it was too late for Gracie's young daughter.

In addition to Gracie, 6 other horses were in desperate need of immediate and urgent care. They were all brought to Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue so we could try to save them. Gracie survived for 4 days with us, but sadly it was too late for her.

Gracie was so emaciated that her muscle was too far gone. She was eating and drinking well, but once she felt comfortable in her cozy stall, she laid down. That was the end for sweet Gracie. She simply did not have enough muscle mass or strength to get back up. We tried for many hours to save her. But, it was too late.

Gracie was laid to rest in my arms peacefully with dignity and in comfort. She will forever be in our hearts as she gave the ultimate sacrifice, the death of her filly, and then her own life.

Her sacrifice saved the other 14 horses that were on that same farm.

Rest in peace dear Gracie. You deserved so much better.


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Don't let the suffering and death of Grace and her filly be in vain. In their memory, you can do something to help other horses avoid their fate:

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No charges were laid against the people whose neglect caused the painful deaths of Gracie and her foal. The authorities responsible for overseeing the welfare of animals - governments, law enforcement agencies, and the OSPCA - need to step up, be accountable and take action to stop what is happening to far too many horses.


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