Evaluation of Horse

Horses at WHHR at not available for adoption until all health and behavioural issues have been addressed. Depending on the state of the horse when he or she comes to WHHR, this can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. This time period also allows us to determine each horse's personality and level of ability so that we can make the best possible match for the horse and the adopter.

Because our aim is for every horse to be adopted into a 'forever' home, we carefully screen all prospective adopters to ensure the best possible match is made for both you and the horse. Each step of the process is designed to best match each rescued horse's individual temperament, training and needs with each adopter's unique experience, skill level and goals. If you are unable to complete all of the steps outlined below we will be unable to help you adopt a horse through our rescue program.

If adopting is not the right option for you right now, you can still help the horses by Sponsoring a special horse or Volunteering at WHHR.

Please note that completion of any or all of the steps listed below In No Way implies acceptance or approval for adoption. Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue retains the right to refuse adoption to any person or persons at any time, for any reason.


Step One: The Adoption Application

Your completed Adoption Application allows WHHR to determine what you are looking for in a horse and gives us a better idea of what type of horse would best suit your needs, goals and skill level.


Step Two: Initial Adoption Interview

In this interview, we'll discuss your individual needs, level of experience and objectives for owning a horse as well as the suitability, compatibility and behaviour of various horses in order to determine the best appropriate match for you. We'll ask questions about the horse's care should you be approved to adopt - where will the horse be housed; who will care for him or her; etc. We'll also review the WHHR Adoption Agreement with you.


Step Three: 2nd Adoption Interview

In this interview, you'll have the opportunity to do some hands on work with the horse that we have agreed is a potential match. This meeting gives you a better idea of that horse's personality and allows you to better decide if this particular horse would be a good fit for you. With coaching assistance from WHHR, you will see how the horse generally behaves while you handle and groom him or her. You will watch WHHR staff work with the horse ' free lunging, lunging or ridden as appropriate. We will discuss the horse's history including his or her full medical history.


Step Four: 3rd Adoption Interview

In this session, we recommend that, if you are or will be working with a trainer after you adopt a horse, he or she comes with you to help with the assessment. You'll have the opportunity to spend more time with the horse including riding if you are adopting a ride-able horse.

WHHR staff will assist you if needed. For new horse owners or inexperienced riders, lessons with the potential adoptive horse can be arranged at WHHR to ensure you are ready to take the horse home.


Step Five: Farm Inspection

WHHR will visit the location where the adopted horse will be house. This is to ensure that the horse will be kept in an appropriate location and receive good care 24/7. For the horse's welfare, we must ensure that it is a horse safe environment that has adequate fencing, feed, shelter and space.


Step Six: The Adoption Contract and Adoption Fee (pdfview Adoption Agreement here »)

The last step of the process includes reading and signing the adoption contract, payment of the adoption fee and scheduling a mutually acceptable delivery date. The contract is signed by both you and WHHR. The purpose of the contract is to outline and set into agreement the expectations of the adopter in regards to future care of your new horse. It also states that if at any time during the lifetime of the horse, for any reason whatsoever, you can no longer care for your adopted horse, WHHR must be advised.

The adoption fee of $500 helps off-set some of the costs incurred by the horse while in the care of WHHR. Please note that this fee usually never covers the cost of vet exams, vaccinations, medications, farrier care, feed, daily care and any of the myriad of other things a rescue horse requires before being considered for adoption. Currently, the average cost incurred by a horse in the care of WHHR is just over $1500.00. Generally, the adoption fee includes up to date vaccinations, farrier care, and deworming.

On the agreed delivery date, WHHR will deliver or follow the horse to his or her new home.


If you agree to all of the above, begin the adoption process by filling in the Adoption Application.