Success Stories

Success Stories

Congratulations and Thank-You to all of you wonderful people who have opened your hearts and your homes to one (or more!) of our rescue horses.

We love to hear how things are going for you - send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the quick form on the left to send us an update. Oh... and we love photos, too! Wink



IVY is a lovely paint mare. She has been adopted as a companion horse.

Hope was adopted by a loving family who have now renamed her to Gracie. See the comments below!

Hello Brenda,

We wanted to tell you that things are going very nicely with our girls!!!

They have settled in quite happily and you know, I think they are even more bonded than any of us realized. They never venture away from each other in the field and they are always nuzzling, rubbing, scratching or touching each other in some way. We think it is absolutely adorable!!! We took Hope (now called Gracie ~ I hope you are okay with that) out of the pasture without Bella (new name undetermined) and Bella was almost in distress about it until Rachel brought her back in. I spent the afternoon and evening with my
Gracie and we did quite a lot of bonding. I am in total love with her now.

She is my sweet mare!!! I can't wait to ride her. We are going to bring them into the other paddock with the other horses after 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy the pictures. They are from Saturday. In total we spent about 5 hours playing with them and talking to them. It was so nice.
I will send more pictures soon.


Cossie is loving life with his new owner Laura Lee; they are showing and doing great! WHAT A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN THIS HORSE AND GIRL ARE!

Cherokee was rescued from an auction. She was under weight, had overgrown hooves, and appeared as though she had given up and lost her spirit.
She is now a very proud, affectionate horse that is absolutely beautiful.

Cherokee is now living a great life with Charisse, her new owner. They are doing wonderful together.

Chance came to the rescue absolutely terrified of people. He wouldn't let anyone near him. He had curled hooves, lice and was infected with parasites.

After many hours and weeks of care and patience, Chance has been adopted to a nice family. He has become this strong, curious horse that loves attention.